The information about the distant lands of the MATRËSHKA world gets delivered to the trusted friends at SkeletonArts on the regular basis, yet not all of the information makes sense. It takes some time by the leading ciphers, linguists and specialists in the history of MATRËSHKA culture to uncover the new messages...stay updated on the latest news with our official social media!

You are just one button away from witnessing the glorious shine of the matter! Feel it's radiating power yourself.

( GPU intensive)

The matter

Wow, that shine, that inner luminescence! The matter's glow is mesmerizing, it pulls you closer and closer. Is it some valuable trinket for which a tempted wrinkled collector would pay heftly for? This thing, this is almost talking to the if it has some cosmic energy, some universal wisdom and knowledge. Aliens? Or just some coincidence and fortunate turn of events? Can it be used for something? A weapon? No, no, we need to hide it and research it. It is so precious...


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